Shareholders and managers increasingly need to know the value of their firm’s economic capital, for instance during extraordinary transactions, consistency assessment of book values and when legal requirements must be met. Costanzo & Associati assists its clients in identifying the economic value of companies, business branches, industrial projects and intangible assets:

  • for valuations for legal requirements (sworn reports, fairness opinions for mergers/spin-offs, transfers of businesses etc.);
  • to help the management during corporate finance transactions;
  • to support the adequacy of already determined economic values;
  • during budget analysis.

IAS/IFRS international accounting principles, in particular those on mergers (IFRS 3), valuation of intangible assets (IAS 38) and impairment tests (IAS 36)  require the reporting company to have extensive skills in valuation matters. Costanzo & Associati assists the management of companies and groups in the process of purchase price allocation for mergers, the structure and check of impairment tests and goodwill, tangible and intangible assets and also the fair value assessment of holdings.