The speed with technologies, markets and the resulting business models evolve, requires a continuous assessment of the business dynamics. Costanzo & Associati is able to assist companies in these developmental processes, providing their national and international experience curves, thinking about the speed with corrective of adopted business models must be put in place. These processes, if not planted when the economic and financial flows are still positive, can lead to the so-called crisis of the company, that must be handled with the utmost promptness and professionalism, by applying provisions stated in the Italian Bankruptcy code (R.D. 267/42). If such conditions apply, insolvency can be avoided by implementing the best-suited debt recovery and reorganizational plans to ensure the financial rebalancing of the enterprise. The rule of law about the composition of the company’s crisis have been extensively revised by the legislature and are still being edited; Costanzo & associated follows the evolution of the law to support more and more with appropriate tools the company in a state of crisis.

An initial analysis of the business situation enables the best decision to be taken for the company, based on the real future prospects of recovery or closure of the business. In the first case, Costanzo & Associati will arrange an effective solution to secure the business, providing the support needed in terms of negotiation with banks and the other players involved and, after defining the causes and corrective measures available to improve business profitability and financial management, also using specific procedures such as recovery plans ex Art. 67, sub-para.3 (d), debt restructuring (ex Art. 182b) or arrangements with creditors on a going concern basis.

In the second case, if there are no chances of recovery, Costanzo & Associati are able to assist the business person in choosing the most suitable bankruptcy proceedings trying, where possible, to maintain the value of the business safeguarding any branches of business still profitable through extraordinary finance transactions.

Costanzo & Associati can support the enterprise with a team of highly skilled experts.