SBC Global Alliance Conference 2020

Friday 20th November 2020

We are proud to be hosted as founder firm to the second SBC Global Alliance annual conference via online platform, Demio, taking place on Friday 20th November 2020.

SBC Global Alliance is a global association of leading independent firms providing business advisory services, audit, tax, accounting, assurance around the world. SBC Global Alliance was founded by Streets Chartered Accountants, a leading UK Top 40 Accountancy practice, with Berdugo Metoudi in Paris and Costanzo & Associates in Milan joining the association.

The global alliance includes ASNAF which is the Federation of ASEAN Accounting Firms, an alliance of accounting firms in various countries across the ASEAN region and throughout Asia including Australia and New Zealand.

SBC Global Alliance and its members operate with shared values around independence and integrity. The association has been established to meet and support the growing needs of those who are looking to or already trade, invest or undertake business overseas or globally.

SBC’s members provide their clients with access to business services and support in the key financial centres, commercial cities and the principal trading zones across the world. All members have the technical skills and experience of working with businesses and individuals that operate internationally. SBC Global Alliance member firms offer businesses, organisations and individuals’ advice and support based on an in-depth understanding of the sector they work within. Clients benefit from the combined and shared knowledge of members working in specific sectors across the globe.

The focus of the conference is on the ‘The Firm of the Future’ and looks at the long-term lasting impact of the pandemic and wider accelerated change on the leadership, management and strategic direction of our respective firms.

We will focus on what an accounting, assurance, tax and business advisory firm might look like in the future, as we get to grips with what might be called the new norm.

Speakers of the conference will be:

•          Bernard Savage, Director, Size 10½ Boots: The Firm of the Future

•          Gerald Van Leest, Partner, Informanagement: Enhancing the return from existing clients through effective content marketing

•          Peter Watson, Managing Director, Distract: Invigorating your Firm’s Marketing

•          Emanuele Arosio, Head of Global SEO, Triboo Group: Expand your audience with SEO & semantic search.

The pandemic has and will continue to have a lasting impact on all of our firms. Whilst opportunity prevails, we also face a number of challenges including the need to look at our firms from a new perspective.

Costanzo & Associati Group believes in a “new normal challenge” which is changing the way of work, the place of work, the time of work and the type of work. In this framework Costanzo & Associati has been implementing a new digital marketing strategy mainly based on social networks communication.

The annual virtual conference will be a special moment to discuss new professional challenges looking at different countries.

Francesca Novati