About us

Costanzo & Associati is a professional Milan based firm of certified public accountants, specialized in strategic and financial, corporate and tax consulting. The selection of our new graduates and the efficiency of our professional team guarantee our clients a personalized and first-rate service. Our firm is client-focussed, and aims to provide tailored solutions to create or maintain the competitive edge of our clients. A team of highly skilled professionals is systematically available to assist our clients by offering professional expertise, know-how as well as organizational and analytical solutions capable of achieving set targets for our clients.

Costanzo & Associati stands for excellence, quality and attention to details, which are values able to provide companies with the most efficient, organizational, legislative and financial solutions for business development or, under critical conditions, the most appropriate “recovery & reorganizational” strategies.

Company Profile

Through our affiliate TEMA S.r.l. the firm collaborates with experts in risk management, internal auditing and consulting for financial intermediaries.

Costanzo & Associati ha creato, con Stefano Carlino l’associazione professionale Carlino, Costanzo & Associati dedicata ai servizi di consulenza in Finanza, Governance & Strategy per le imprese di Assicurazione

The firm guarantees compliance services, such as accounting, preparation of income tax returns and other tax compliances, through its subsidiary SELDAN S.r.l.

Practice areas

Corporate Finance and M&A

Costanzo & Associati acts as an independent advisor to support the entrepreneur in creating long-term values. Our approach is based on the assumption that finance must be strictly related to the real economy, and strategic, financial and organizational capabilities must be combined to support a more global view, taking advantage of competence and a network … Continue Reading »

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Raising Capital for development

In the presence of ambitious development projects, a balanced equity and financial structure within the company may open-up new capital to institutional investors or various equity regulated markets. Our extensive experience in this activity makes Costanzo & Associati a reliable and key partner, whose professional qualities can help identify and coordinate the most efficient solutions … Continue Reading »

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Trends in the current market and world economy favour companies with international markets. Internationalization projects assume specific fiscal, corporate and strategic skills. Costanzo & Associati have developed their own ‘cross border’ business model for companies intending to start these processes through their professionals in emerging countries who carry out reconnaissance work on the best business … Continue Reading »

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“IFAC is comprised of over 175 members and associates in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions, representing almost 3 million accountants in public practice, education, government service, industry, and commerce”

Doing Business in Italy

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Doing Business in Italy

Investing abroad has become a key-factor for corporate business. Italy has become always demonstrated to be an attractive harbor for foreign investments. Costanzo&Associati provides a brief guide containing the most
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Voluntary Disclosure 2016

The OECD has always recognized the importance of offering taxpayers the opportunity to become compliant and has encouraged governments to enable people who want to regularise their tax affairs to
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