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Costanzo & Associati is a professional Milan based firm of certified public accountants, specialized in strategic and financial, corporate and tax consulting. The selection of our new graduates and the efficiency of our professional team guarantee our clients a personalized and first-rate service. Our firm is client-focussed, and aims to provide tailored solutions to create or maintain the competitive edge of our clients. A team of highly skilled professionals is systematically available to assist our clients by offering professional expertise, know-how as well as organizational and analytical solutions capable of achieving set targets for our clients.
Being part of the international network Santa Fe Associates International we can support our customers in their internationalization process in a particularly and difficult competitive environment.

Costanzo & Associati stands for excellence, quality and attention to details, which are values able to provide companies with the most efficient, organizational, legislative and financial solutions for business development or, under critical conditions, the most appropriate “recovery & reorganizational” strategies.

Through our affiliate TEMA S.r.l. the firm collaborates with experts in risk management, internal auditing and consulting for financial intermediaries.

The firm guarantees compliance services, such as accounting, preparation of income tax returns and other tax compliances, through its subsidiary SELDAN S.r.l.

Santa Fe Associates International

“We are a professional services firm helping clients develop better business strategies that build on their unique inherent and potential strengths—the philosophy of the company, how it is organized to understand market opportunities and customer needs, and the methods it uses to deliver products and services”

Practice areas

Accountancy Services

Financial statements and consolidated financial statements are prepared with specific attention to the information value of the document, particularly relevant in relations with company stakeholders and financers. Costanzo & Associati have gained in-depth experience in the preparation of financial statements in conformity with the IAS/IFRS international accounting principles, and also in giving interpretational opinions concerning … Continue Reading »

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Tax and Business Consulting

The complexity of Italian civil and tax law requires the preparation of business projects based on administration and control models, appropriate for the corporate structure and business objectives, taking account of efficient and effective tax planning. Costanzo & Associati support clients through business and tax consultancy aimed at helping to give the right interpretation of … Continue Reading »

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The planning of the best-suited corporate governance model is essential in order to create long-term value for companies during their going-concern, when public funds are requested and when inter-generational property transfer needs to be planned. Our academic and professional expertise ensures companies the implementation of corporate governance models in line with best practice standards. Corporate … Continue Reading »

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Santa Fe Associates International

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“IFAC is comprised of over 175 members and associates in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions, representing almost 3 million accountants in public practice, education, government service, industry, and commerce”

Doing Business in Italy

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Doing Business in Italy

Investing abroad has become a key-factor for corporate business. Italy has become always demonstrated to be an attractive harbor for foreign investments. Costanzo&Associati provides a brief guide containing the most
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Voluntary Disclosure 2016

The OECD has always recognized the importance of offering taxpayers the opportunity to become compliant and has encouraged governments to enable people who want to regularise their tax affairs to
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