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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technologies offer companies great opportunities to improve productivity and competitiveness and to create new business models. AI algorithms can be used in every area of business depending on the goals to be achieved:

  • logistics and production: resource optimisation and predictive maintenance
  • marketing: predictive demand analysis
  • administration, finance and management: process digitisation and decision support

In-company dissemination of these technologies and the related collection and analysis of data to train AI algorithms favour the birth of a digital culture within the company, as well as promoting the development of new business models in companies from the same supply chain, with which data can be shared to create new partnerships. AI Value promotes and coordinates new projects for the sustainable development of the supply chain, ensuring all stakeholders benefit from secure access to the data of the entire supply chain, while also protecting the competitive advantage of each.

AI Value Manager

Paolo Costanzo

Senior Partner

Member of NedCommunity, an association of non-executive and independent Directors. Specialised in extraordinary finance transactions, listing processes and governance systems. Author of numerous publications on corporate disclosure, corporate governance, corporate law and corporate income [...]