Strategic Consulting

Non-profit organisations and social enterprises

CA Consulting provides consultancy services to non-profit organisations. Today, also under the principle of subsidiarity, such organisations play a key role in Italy, where they manage many health and social organisations. They are regulated by specific statutory and tax regulations, which are being extensively reviewed following the latest third sector reforms and therefore require in-depth knowledge in order to optimise the organisation’s operational choices.

In particular, CA guides the organisation’s choices in terms of regulatory structure, governance and management planning, in the knowledge that its institutional aims can only be achieved if they are based on criteria of economy and transparency. To this end, CA helps the organisation’s administrators prepare budgets, implement management control systems, and draw up reports to ensure stakeholders receive complete, transparent information.

CA is also a fundamental point of reference for the fulfilment of the organisation’s statutory and tax obligations. To social enterprises, which have gained a newfound status in Italy as a result of the reform introduced by Legislative Decree 112/2017, CA provides assistance from establishment through to the fulfilment of mandatory disclosures, such as the social responsibility report.

CA Consulting Manager

Paolo Costanzo

Senior Partner

Member of NedCommunity, an association of non-executive and independent Directors. Specialised in extraordinary finance transactions, listing processes and governance systems. Author of numerous publications on corporate disclosure, corporate governance, corporate law and corporate income [...]